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Experts at replacing old gardens and lawns areas with new roll on turf grass in Essex. Locally sourced grass that ensures a vibrant and soft new lawn area. Free no obligation estimates.
Bracken Block Paved Driveway and Patio with Yorkshire Turf in Chelmsford


Turf Lawn Installers Essex

Vantage Drives and Patios provides unbeatable value for installing turf sod lawns in Essex. We can remove the existing lawn area, apply a new soil base to the area to ensure its soft and level and install the new sods directly on top. You can have a beautiful new lawn installed in under a day!

Block Paved Patio with Yorkshire Turf in Ongar, EssexIf you are tired of your old lawn or want to add some greenery to the back or front of your home, we provide unbeatable value for installing roll-on turf lawns in Essex. We source only local and fresh turf grass to ensure a fast and luscious new lawn at your home in Essex.

Our comprehensive ground preparation and turf-laying service ensure a seamless process, including rotovating and levelling the ground. We collect turf directly from the cutter before installation to guarantee freshness, and we use top-quality soil for every project.

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Our free estimates, design advice, and service set us apart. We have a reputation for handling complex projects that demand care, innovation, and experience. Our team considers your preferences and maximises your lawn's potential, resulting in a beautiful outdoor space tailored to your needs.

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For a dependable and professional turfing company in Essex and the surrounding areas, contact Vantage Drives and Patios LTD on 01245 526121. Let us help transform your garden into an impressive outdoor living space.


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